Mobile Plastic Safety Barrier

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  • Made of high quality plastic, with galvanized tubes
  • Weatherproof and maintenance free
  • All parts firmly connected to each other
  • Barrier and blind man’s rail equipped with reflecting foil RA1 A on one side
  • Foil protected against damage by frame recess
  • With connecting holes for mounting warning lamps
  • Any angle possible when using safety base plates
  • Area for company logo or advertisement 170 x 85 mm
  • Stacking lugs for safe storage and transportation
  • Universally stackable
  • Without electrical voltage transition according to DIN VDE 0681
  • According to German Standards
  • Optional with reflectors which ensure clear guidance and excellent night visibility (according to German Standards “TL-Transportable Schutzeinrichtungen”)
  • Optional with foil at the stuts
  • Other versions (e.g. foil, colour) on request 
  • Examples of application (depending on country-specific regulations)
    – as single element for half-sided or full road closures
    – as stable barrier around shafts and building excavations
    – as homogenous building site barrier and screen from view
    – for separating pedestrian and cycle ways
    – for events to separate and guide visitors and participants
    – for workings in the area of overhead electrical lines (surge proof)